Some Current Research Projects

Canine cognition

Golden puppy

How do doggos see the world?  Amanda Nickerson, MA student, is investigating.

Raccoon cognition

Evil geniuses?  We don't think so.  We are on the case!

Great Ape cognition

Sarah Ritvo and Jeannine Holmes, PhD students, are learning from great apes, like orangutans.  

Polar bears

Dylan McCart, MSc Biology student, is studying the behaviour and hormones of male polar bears.   We are also looking at ways to enrich the lives of captive polar bears. 

Hyenas and lions

Together with Dr. Zeke Davidson. Marwell Zoo UK,  Dr. Marc Dupuis-Desormeaux (postdoctoral fellow) and I are studying hyena and lion movement and predation in northern Kenya.

Urban Raccoon Behaviour

I'm working with the City of Toronto to look at how raccoons and humans can co-exist.