About Me

Suzanne with baby raccoons

I'm a Psychology professor at York University

My area of research is animal behaviour.  I work with lots of different species, both in the field in Kenya and Canada, and also at zoos

Budi the orangutan

I study how animals think

My interests are in memory and cognition, especially spatial cognition, in primates and other animals

baby raccoon with garbage can

I study how humans & wildlife interact

From elephant, hyena and lion in Kenya to raccoons in our backyards, when humans and wildlife meet, interesting things happen!

Some Recent Publications

Click on a file to download.

Sex Bias in Turtles (pdf)


Orangutans and music (pdf)


Orangutan vision (pdf)


Red Wolf reproductive biology (pdf)


Comparative Cognition Outside the Lab (pdf)


Cameras vs. human trackers monitoring Kenyan wildlife (pdf)


Contact Me

Dr. Suzanne MacDonald

Department of Psychology, York University, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3