Some current research projects...

Physiological and behavioral changes in horse-human interaction

    with Hana Gartner (MIS student) and Tracey Evans, Dreamwinds Equine Centre

Therapy dog impact on psychological well being

   with Dr. Yvonne Bohr (York)

Hyena and lion movement and predation in northern Kenya

    with Dr. Marc Dupuis-Desormeaux, Arjun Dheer (MWildlife student  and Dr. Zeke Davidson (Marwell Zoo,          UK)

Urban raccoon behaviour

    with the City of Toronto

Behavioural profile of captive pandas

    with Maria Franke & Gabe Magnus (Toronto Zoo)

Population Survey and Mitigation of Amphibian Roadkill  

   with Dr. Marc Dupuis-Desormeaux  and Vince D’Elia

   (Toronto Region Conservation Authority) 

Behavioural Enrichment for Captive Orangutans

    with Matt Berridge (Toronto Zoo) & Sarah Ritvo (PhD student)

What do people think about how animals think?

    with Jeannine Holmes (MA student)

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