Interested in animal behaviour careers?

You're not alone!

One great source for information about careers and research opportunities is the Animal Behaviour Society website. If you're interested in research, check out the Society Newsletter--researchers looking for assistance (often from undergraduate students) will post their ads here.

If you're a student, I recommend that you join the Society. It's cheap and you'll get a hard copy of the newsletter sent to you, as well as a subscription to Animal Behaviour, one of the premiere journals in the field.

There are many different careers open to people interested in working with animals, many of which are detailed here. If you'd like to do animal behavior research in a university or zoological research institution, you'll first need an undergraduate degree (in psychology, biology, zoology, anthropology, etc.) and then you'll have to go to graduate school. A Master's degree is considered a minimum standard for most occupations in this field, although a PhD is preferred. If you plan to become a professor, you'll need a PhD, and probably will do some postdoctoral work as well.   Two good places to start if you’re interested in going to graduate school are the Centres for the Integrated Study of Animal Behavior, one of which is located at Indiana University.  The other CISAB is located in Sydney, Australia, at Macquarie University

If you’re interested in how animals think (and if you’re a psychology student, you probably are!), you should check out the Comparative Cognition Society.  It’s a great place to meet people with similar interests, and we have a yearly conference in Florida that is a lot of fun and the best place to learn about exciting research in this field.